Client Logo

This logo was done for a client, he had a picture of his original logo he had done years ago. He really like his logo and wanted to use it on his site I was building for him, but all he had was a picture of it he had taken from a business card. So I got to work in Illustrator and Photoshop. And came up with this replica of his logo. I also went a step further and added a few items to see if the client like a bit more added.

Below you can see the first image in the “before” which is the logo he gave me. Next is the logo I duplicated by finding the correct font, and re-drawing the branch and leaves in Illustrator. Third is similar to the second, but I just switched where the branch came down, and added some grass and sneakers.


Clients Current Logo

Before: Clients Current Logo

Replica I Created

After: Replica I Created


Additions I Tried

After: Playing Around With It