The Awesomeness that is Tylan Walker

Tylan WalkerMy name is Tylan Walker and I am a Web Designer. The projects and work I like to do includes website design, logo design, page layout, and SEO (search engine optimization).

I live in Lindon Utah, and have done so all my life. I love to hangout with my beautiful wife Kami, and my beautiful daughter watching movies, going to the park or swimming, and anything else as long as they are by my side.

Some hobbies of mine include working on my computer creating websites and doing SEO work, generating leads, playing in Photoshop and Illustrator, snowboarding, hiking, taking my two dogs for a run, vacationing with my family, and gaming.

I currently work for an awesome start-up company my friend started. Check out our company site I created for us at: I just completed a V1.0, and there is still some optimizations to be done when we allocate another block of time for the website.

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